Lionel Richie, Timeless Love, 2014

A legend in the music industry with over 30 years of entertainment experience, Ritchie is the owner of 5 Grammy Awards and has sold over 100 million records.  More than any other living artist, Ritchie is an icon of love.


His hits are too many to list – “Truly” launched him to stardom as his first solo #1, "We are the World" featuring Michael Jackson solidified his legendary status, and "Endless Love," a duet with Diana Ross, earned him the nickname "Prince of Love Songs."  These and other of Ritchie’s masterpieces have touched generations of music fans, and he has a loyal following in Shanghai and greater China.  These fans’ first opportunity to hear Ritchie’s classic love songs performed live will be an unforgettable experience in an electric atmosphere.



Location: Mercedes Benz Arena, Shanghai

Date: 8. April, 2014 20:00

Mercedes Benz Arena
1200 Shibo Ave, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200126
April 08, 2014
April 08, 2014
20:00 to 20:00